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Product Details

Key Features
Simple to use
Connection cables and AC power adapter included
VGA to Video converter 

Composite RCA to VGA / AV to VGA Converter (Connect standard AV / RCA player to PC Screen) 
Want to watch movies or recorded television programs on your computer monitor that has a VGA. This converter will allow you connect your video source devices like VCR's, camcorders or DVD players to your VGA computer monitor.
Any source / player with a Composite (Yellow RCA) or S-Video output can be connected to be converted to VGA. You can even keep your computer connected and just switch between inputs. Simple to use. Connection cables and AC power adapter are included. 
The opposite converter (to connect your PC's graphics card VGA port to a standard TV with Yellow RCA / Composite or Svideo inputs) are available at VGA to RCA / Svideo Converter - PC to TV.