Totally wicked tornado ii sub 2200mah e-cig kit and e-liquid

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The Tornado II Sub e-cigarette is a small, yet powerful palm sized device which delivers the vapour and flavour production that previously could only be achieved from larger e-cig devices. It comes complete with a 2200mAh battery, 2.5ml e-liquid tank and 2 atomizer heads. We include 2 atomizer heads; one at 1.0ohm and the other at 0.5ohm (sub ohm), each designed with different vapers in mind. Each atomizer head is fitted with a vertical coil surrounded by a natural cotton wick to transfer the e-liquid from the tank. The 1.0ohm atomizer head features a 1.8mm air hole which gives users a tighter draw. This is aimed for vapers who are looking to simulate a smoking sensation, feeling the throat hit as you inhale. Whereas the sub ohm 0.5ohm atomizer head features a 3.5mm air hole which gives gives a much more open draw and is suitable for those looking to produce clouds of vapour.