PCI-E Express RS232 2Port Card - Silver

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PCI Express based serial card turns a PCI Express slot into 4 port RS-232 (DB9) serial connections. 
The adapter card is based on a native single chip design, that allows you to harness the full capability of PCI Express (PCIe) - providing optimum reliability and speed while reducing the load applied to the CPU by as much as 48% over conventional (bridge chip) serial cards. 
The RS232 Serial Adapter Card is compatible with a broad range of operating systems, including Windows and Linux (Kernel 2.6.11 and up) and the adapter card includes an optional half-height/low profile bracket that allows the card to be installed in virtually any computer case – making it that much easier to add serial ports to a PCI Express enabled computer, regardless of the size of the computer case. 
With this card Data transfer rates of up to 460 Kbps for peak serial device performance. Native single-chip, single lane PCI Express offers increased speed and reduced CPU load by up to 48%. Standard and low profile bracket included ensuring easy installation into almost