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Product Details

Thin Client PC EG_L100 wifi is embedded linux kernal, it runs RDP 7.1 protocol, support HD resolution 1920*1080 at max. With fast speed in MS office or graphics program, L100 is one green computer for education,enterprise,government etc. 

* For office software, such as browsing webpage, MS software, the operating speed is very fast and stable as host PC. 
* RDP 7.1, 32bit color depth(WIN 7/2008), support 24bit color depth on Win XP OS. 
* Support WIN 7/XP/2008/Vista/2000/2003/LINUX etc 
* Multi-language selection (System user interface) : Chinese,English,French,Japanese,Thai,Portuguese etc. 
* Alloy Case and Plastic Case for your selection 

The Advantages of Linux OS TC WORKSTATION PC FL100 Wifi 
1. This is first linux thin client with excellent working performance, fast and stable enough. Simply User interface for easy installation and usage. 
2. Support different size of monitor with very good resolution. 
3. Support Windows / linux os with excellent Compatibility 
4. Nice unique shell, Special and attractive 

The differences with WIN CE 6 OS Thin client 
1. MINI PC THIN CLIENT FL100 wifi it’s very easy installation and usage, don’t have complicated UI as WIN CE 6 OS thin client 
2. MINI PC THIN CLIENT FL100 wifi when connect with WIN 7 OS, no need to set time and date as same as WIN 7 OS Server. 
3. MINI PC THIN CLIENT FL100wifi work faster and stable much then WIN CE 6 OS thin client 
4. MINI PC THIN CLIENT FL100 wifi can support Irregular screen which WIN CE 6 OS thin client 
can’t support it. 
5. MINI PC THIN CLIENT FL100 wifi with very nice out shell which adopt special blue and white porcelain. It’s really cheap thin client not only with good working performance but also fashion design. 
6. MINI PC THIN CLIENT FL100 wifi with HDMI port.



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