Intex easy set pool 12 x 30

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Product Description . . . . Inflatable pool Intex Easy Set. The size of the inlet basin: 366 * 76 cm Weight pool: 17.1 kg Color pools: Blue Volume: 5121 Options: - Installation and operation of the pool - A disc with the manual Time to prepare for filling the pool with water takes less than 10 minutes. Technology SUPER-TOUGH. Pool side made of 3 layers sufficiently durable material. 1 and 2 - vinyl 3 - polyester. Before installing the pool area should be checked for the presence of stones, glass, roots, etc. Surface must be free of foreign objects. Surface for the pool to be desirable level. Inflate the top ring pump, but the most important thing is not to pump! The pool is equipped with a drain valve. One of the simplest and popular family of liquid pools Intex.