Huge RC Helicopter GT-QS8006

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Description: G.T.Model QS 8006 3.5CH 53Inch Huge RC Helicopter Remote control function:Forward,backward,turn left and right,rise,fall 360 degress comprehensive accurate positioning, the more suitable for outdoor and indoor spin flight Unique design of double wind layer jammed protection function, make the operator more secure The design has light, remote control switch function, make the night flight light effect even more special Intelligent the proportional remote controls, smooth impending performance Outdoor stability control 80m to 100m distance The flight time: 7 minutes Time: 3 hours or so charging The main motor type: 390, tail motor type: N50 Battery specification: 14.8V, 1500mAh The plane weight: 1270g The remote control: indicator light, low voltage alarm function Indicator light or so fine-tune buttons; The remote control switch function instructions lamp lights, the function of power Specification: G.T.Model QS 8006 3.5CH 53Inch Huge RC Helicopter The New Built-in Gyroscope technology 3 Channel Indoor Helicopter can fly easily right out of your hand. Three channels is better than two channels, furthermore the Gyroscope tecvhnology made your turn precisely to the angle you want to turn! You can fly the helicopter left, right, forward, and reverse. Control easily with the new design remote control with built in charger system right out of the remote. Just put in 6 AA batteries( not included) in the 3 channel remote control and turn on the helicopter and your having the most fun you will experiences.



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