3G wifi portable wireless router iVital - White

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Product Details

Key Features
Compatible with 120+ LTE/HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS/EVDO 3G/4G USB modems
Travel-size Design
Small and lightweight
Enables users to share a 3G/4G* mobile connection wherever 3G/4G* coverage is available
Wireless speed is up to 150Mbps
Three modes available for different situations: 3G/4G* Router, WISP Client Router 
Description * 
The 3G router is a lightweight companion and one of the best choice for travelers thanks to it is fast connection, exceptional features. 
The portable 3G Router allows you to share your network with up to 5 users other Wi-Fi enabled devices, so you can connect directly anytime, anywhere with 3G connectivity. 
The OLED Display lets you easily check connection status. 
Integrates great designs, reliability and long battery life, making it an excellent solution for connectivity on the go.